Monday, December 28, 2009

Helllooooo Molly!

I'll let Natalie do a frilly post but I wanted to get some pictures up so everyone could meet Our new little girl Molly Dalpias.
Born: 1:07AM Dec 28, 2009
Weight: 6 lb 12.5 oz
Height: 19 inch
Mom and Baby are doing great!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Good Golly, Miss Molly

We are now 17 days away from Molly's due date and I think we are pretty much ready for her to come! A friend of mine asked me what kind of things I have done and made to get ready for her, so I thought I would post some of those...

By the way, I am WAY excited to have a girl! It's been fun picking out frilly things for her!

Here are her hairbows and her bow holder that I made.
This is her blessing dress. It's actually the same one I wore when I was blessed. My mom found matching shoes and a hair band for it.
Here is Benson being a cheese ball. I really like him!

I made this carseat cover for her to keep out the cold and the strangers hands.
The outside of the carseat cover.
I think I've posted these before, but here's Benson's picture frames. Those blocks are going to have the letters of his name on them, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
Benson's chinese lanterns.
The saying on his wall says "Planes... Trains... Trucks and Toys, There's nothing quite like little boys." So true!
Molly's picture frames. No pictures yet!
Molly's chinese lanterns.
The saying on her wall says "Dresses, Dolls, Ribbons and Curls, there's nothing quite like little girls."
P.S. I got the paper lanterns after Halloween for 25 cents each and painted them to match the colors of the kids' room.
Molly's crib. Thanks to Grandma Gayle for the supplies to make her quilt. I love it!
And thanks to Tami for making the quilt on the end of the crib. It is SUPER CUTE!
These are binky holders. Not sure if she'll be a binky girl, but she'll be a stylish one!
Benson's side of the room.
Molly's side of the room.

We are really excited for Molly to be here. I am progressing slowly, but I'm hoping to go to her due date or at least past Christmas. It will be a lot of fun to have a baby girl in our house. I'm very excited for her to come, but nervous about having another little one around. We are ready!