Thursday, December 2, 2010

Black Friday 2010

Black Friday this year ROCKED!
Thanks Dan and Shan for braving the cold with us.

Here's what I learned:

1. Walmart at midnight = MADNESS.

2. You can sell your seat at the front of the Target line for $60 a pop.

3. Enlisting the help of cousins is a good idea.

4. McDonald's does NOT taste good at 3 am, no matter what everyone says.

5. Crocheting on the floor of Walmart helps time go faster.

6. The walmart lady watching the leapster crowd WILL yell at you. LOUDLY!

7. "I'll get you this, if you get me that" goes a LONG way!

8. Target is the BEST for getting people through the checkout.

9. People get pretty ticked when someone cuts in line.

10. No matter what time it is or how sleep deprived he is, Casey is ALWAYS pleasant


Em Russ said...

ha ha... number 10 cracks me up for some reason! You are lucky to have found him!

milbert said...

You guys are so crazy! Robert and I almost went to Walmart at midnight, but then we decided not to. I got everything I wanted on Saturday for the same sale prices with out the craziness. But I can see how the craziness could add to the fun.

Krystal said...

Love your list! Especially the last one about Casey...I seem to remember that being true from High School. We missed black friday this year, and I was sad. But not too sad, because I don't think it would have been as fun with three grouchy children.