Thursday, July 29, 2010

See Nat Ride

Yesterday I ordered this...

... in Silver.

I also borrowed my mom's bike and we went on a ride with the kids in this...
... Casey did all the work, pulling the kids.

8 miles. Way better than running. At least for me.

Felt GREAT!!!! I felt like I could have done 8 more. That's cause we didn't do any hills.
Can't wait to get my bike next week.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

We are split!

We are now a part member family.

Me with the Apple iPhone 3G.
Casey with an android, the "Google Phone".

So the question is, which is the true religion?

Of course our first concern is the children. How will they grow up? Will they prefer Apple or Android? Although Android joined our family first, Benson seems to be resilient and still prefers the iPhone. It's too early to tell with Molly, though. Let's just pray that the children will be able to decipher the truth in all things.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Popcorn Fireworks

The 4th of July is my very favorite day of the year. Or is it the 3rd? Either way, I love this time of the year... Sometimes I feel disappointed after it's over because it didn't feel like something very special. But I told Casey that I think this has been the best 4th of July I've had. And that says a lot.

We always have a family "reunion" on the 3rd with my Haws cousins. All but 3 of us grew up on the same street and now most everyone lives far away. Getting together with them is fun. But it's being with my brothers and sisters that I love most. When we get together like this, it feels like we are complete again. It almost never feels like we are complete, so feeling that way is really special to me.

Since the 4th was on Sunday, we moved the celebration to the 2nd and 3rd. On the 2nd, we got family pictures (below) taken by Dana Willis, which turned out amazing! I love that we have everyone in this picture. What a precious keepsake. My sweet sister-in-law also took seperate family pictures for everyone. I love the one she took of us, click here to see it.

The festivities of the weekend included: playing softball, doing fireworks, sleeping in our tent in my parents' backyard, renting out the Roy Aquatic Center for about 70 people, having a slide contest at the pool, going to the parade, eating cream-filled chololate donuts, having a cookout, playing bocci ball and "horse balls", and watching fireworks again... Together.
The Hooper fireworks might have been my favorite part. We always go to my parents' church to watch them. My dad rigged something to make all the church parking lot lights go off while the fireworks were going. Benson and Casey pretended the fireworks were popcorn popping, and they reached out for handfulls of the firework popcorn, pretending to eat it, while sweet Molly snuggled with me, which is rare, eventually falling asleep during the fireworks.
Then, on a whim, Casey and I decided to go to his parents' cabin for Sunday and Monday. We packed everything up and left Sunday afternoon. The drive was beautiful, as always. We listened to the "Hunger Games" on my iPhone while the kiddos slept for the entire drive. The cabin is quickly becoming one of my favorite places on earth. It is so quiet and peaceful. Every once in a while we see a deer or a moose and the beauty of the whole thing helps me remember that our Heavenly Father loves us.
Casey's parents came up Sunday night and his grandparents came up for lunch on Monday. It was good to spend time with them and I felt the same way about being together with them as I did about being together with my family. It's my favorite thing. I am so lucky to have great in-laws.
We rode the Rhino, relaxed, had a campfire, and enjoyed the cabin while Casey and his dad did some work. I am so glad we went.
We got home Monday night and the kids were tired, so they went to bed early. I told Casey that he could go to bed while I watched the bachelorette, and he did. But only for a minute before he came out and snuggled with me on the couch while we watched the train wreck. I could tell that he was trying hard not to snicker at the whole show, and his trying made me love him more for watching it with me. And guess what? I didn't even have to coax him into saying nice things to me. He is much sweeter than any of the guys on that show.
Every minute of this whole weekend was perfect. It was perfect because I got to spend my time with all of the people I love most in this whole entire world. I can't help but thinking that maybe that's how it's supposed to be. I think Heavenly Father wanted us to be happy together and maybe how I felt this weekend is just a glimmer of what our Heavenly Father feels. Good thing this family stuff is forever. I hope every day in Heaven is like the 4th of July.