Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snow Day

We haven't really had much of a chance to get out and play in the snow this year. So this week, while the sun was shining and there was still some snow, we geared up and headed out to build a snowman.

Benson and I built this snow friend.

and Molly shoveled.

 And Benson ate A LOT of snow!

It was such a wonderful day to play outside, that it didn't even matter if it took 20 minutes to get geared up and another 20 minutes to put everything away once we got done. Nevermind having to go to the storage unit and dig out our snow clothes. Every second of it was worth it!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

House Progress

When we left you last, we had just framed our house. Since then, we have done QUITE a bit. (When I say we, I mean mostly Casey and his Dad.)

Here is our house progress...

Roofing. Thanks to Mike, Dad, Danny, and Nick for helping.

Casey gets pretty nervous about heights, so this was a hard job for him to do. It ended up really great, though.

Here is the roof in progress.
Casey's dad and my dad are both electrictions, (along with all of my brothers), so we had a LOT of help doing electrical, and I am VERY thankful for it.

Casey wiring

 Cory even came all the way from Washington to help!

Mike actually finished up the plumbing while they were wiring.

 My dad


We had cement come early because winter was fast approaching. I love how the cement turned out!

Front Steps. Casey and Benson were really excited about the steps, I guess.

Then Casey and his dad started on siding.

The siding took a long time, but it was very THRILLING for me to see it coming together.

More siding

As Casey and his dad were working on the outside, insulation came. 

 And then sheetrock.

 And then brick

More siding and brick.
Poor guys, it was FREEZING outside while they were doing siding and brick. They were battling snow and a giant windstorm trying to finish up. Then, the week after they were done, we had the most beautiful weather. It all looks so good, and I'm thankful for their hard work, and their poor cold fingers.

Once sheetrock was done, they started on finish work. They did trim and shelving.
I'm thankful for Casey putting up with me when I had crazy ideas. He has been very nice to consult with me on every little decision. On this particular day, I came to help him at the house, but was having hard contractions, so I sat in our closet and watched him measure everything out and hang shelves and rods. It has been really special for me to watch Casey work so hard on our house. He has done an AMAZING job, and I love every bit about it. I feel sad that I can't help much because of the pregnancy and the kids, but I am so glad that Casey still makes me feel like I am a part of it. I just love him!

Oh, I did help patch holes and sand and tape. Pregnant friendly jobs.

Here is the trim on the doors and the shelving in the closets. I love it!

One of my most favorite things is our railing.

After all the trim was up and sanded and ready, they started priming and painting. This is what Casey came home looking like for a few days.

Taping off baseboards and getting ready to paint some more.

Taping took a long time.

All ready to finish painting.

Oh, I did snap a picture of them painting before I was asked to leave for the safety of our unborn baby breathing paint fumes.

All in all, we have had VERY few problems with the house. I think this paint spilling has been the biggest mishap we've had. We have been very lucky and very blessed.

Casey installed our doorknobs, while Molly watched.

And then they started on tile.

Benson watching his dad. So sweet.


Our kitchen all tiled

All of us one night working on the house together.
It has been really fun to go over some nights and just work on the house with Casey and the kids.

The first time of many times cleaning the kitchen floor.

We got a toilet!

Benson and Molly picking up tile spacers

It's hard to tell the paint color here, but this is the railing and the walls and trim all painted.

Our windows and trim

Benson took this picture of his blue room.

We are just about there!!!! We haven't wanted to put a deadline on everything since Casey has been doing most of the work himself (while working full-time and going to school full-time and taking care of his pregnant wife and two young children), but we are hoping to be ready to move in within the next 2 weeks. We pretty much only have cabinets and carpet, and then we will be ready!!!!

Thanks for sticking with us for the home tour.