Friday, February 27, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Of course right now, I'm dying to get good deals on whatever I can. I just wanted to tell you guys about this deal going on at I've never ordered diapers there before, but I've heard really good things about it. So here's the deal...

Spend $49 or more and get $10 off your order as a first-time shopper with code NATD6261. PLUS, get a $14.97 rebate (or a free subscription to Parenting magazine) You'll find information on the rebate on the home page. The girls at Pinching Your Pennies found out that this was the best deal....

buy 1 Huggies Extra Large Case diapers for $38.99
buy 1 Huggies Jumbo Pack diapers for $10.99
Total diapers = $49.98

- $10 off $49 purchase using code NATD6261
+ Free Shipping
= $39.98 shipped

- $14.97 refund for Parenting Magazine
= $25.01 after rebate

divided by 184 diapers
~ $.14 per diaper

Here is the best deal I could find on LUVS...

Buy 2 Luvs jumbo packs on sale $7.99 each = $15.98
Buy 1 luvs extra large case = $35.99
Total diapers= $51.97

-$10 off $49 code NATD6261
+ Free Shipping
= $41.97 shipped

- $14.97 rebate for Parenting Magazine
= $27.00 after rebate

divided by 248 diapers (size 4, smaller sizes have more in the box)
= 10 cents per diaper

They always give free 2-day shipping on orders over $50, and don't forget to use my code when you check out (NATD6261), You will get $10 off and I will get $1.00 credit for each person that uses it.

Just to compare, I usually get my diapers at Costco, and right now they are $49.99 for 200, that ends up being almost 25 cents each. At Wal-mart, they are $9.20 for 34 diapers, that makes them about 27 cents each there. (huggies)

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about a pretty good deal.Let me know if you need any help with it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A week's worth of fun!

This week has been such a fun week! We've been working on our kitchen floor, so our house was a disaster!!!! Every day I tried to find something fun to do outside of the house so we didn't have to tip-toe around construction... Here is a peek into our week.

SUNDAY: Superbowl. We spent the day at Casey's parents' house. There was lots of food and fun. It's always fun to get together with Family. Benson had a fun time playing with Trapper and Gunner, although we missed Addyson and Rylee. After the game, we watched a very funny "Office". It is one of our favorite shows.
MONDAY: Our good friends, Chelsey and Trevan, invited us to go swimming at an indoor pool in Bountiful. The water was a little cold at first, but after we got used to it, we all had a lot of fun!

TUESDAY: Benson and I took lunch to Casey at work. When we were on our way home, I heard on the radio about free Grand-Slams at Denny's. Benson and I waited for about an hour in line, I'm not sure it was worth the wait, but it was a nice day and we had fun on our little lunch date together.
After Denny's, we went to see my friend, Brittany, and her new baby. It brought back memories of when we first came home with Benson and what a special time that was for us. Ahhh, the memories.
WEDNESDAY: I had my wedding ring in to the jeweler in SLC, and it was ready to pick up. We called Chelsey and Trevan to see if they wanted to go with us to pick it up and then go to the zoo. Lucky for us, they did want to go, and we had a wonderful time! The boys especially loved the monkeys.

THURSDAY: Grocery Day. This was a LONG day for Benson. We went to 3 stores, used about a million coupons, but only spent a little money. I LOVE this coupon program I am doing! This week I got a lot of bigger things (chicken, fish, pasta, milk, make-up, medicine, V-day stuff, etc.) and I still feel like I didn't really "break the bank". I keep saying that I have more time than money and because I love staying home with Benson so much, I am willing to do whatever I can to help out around here. It just so happens that saving money is really fun too! Here are my stats for the week:

Items Purchased: 113, Total Spent (including tax): $92.48, Total Saved: $163.96...

That's about $.82 per item. My goal is $1.00 per item, so I feel really good about my shopping this week.

FRIDAY: Clean-up Day. Since we had so much fun all week, we spent Friday just chillin' at home. Casey worked really hard on the floor everyday after work, so it was almost done by Friday and we were able to get some things done around the house. We did spend a little time outside playing with our neighbors, though, and that was fun. I hate to admit it, but we didn't even get out of our PJ's until after Casey came home from work. It was a really good day at home.

SATURDAY: We woke up early and went to Home Depot, one of our regular date spots. We picked out some trim for the floor and a few other things we needed. Casey went home and worked on the floor while I went to a baby shower for my good friend, Kamille, and Benson went to the Haws home. I only stayed at the shower for a while and then we headed home to help Casey work. He was almost done by the time we got home. After only a few more trips to Home Depot and one stop to Lowe's, our floor is DONE!!! No more carpet-tile!!!! See my next post for pictures!