Saturday, March 3, 2012

Virtual Tour

Please join me on a tour of our finished home.
Shoe removal is optional, but appreciated. 

We'll start with Molly's room. The paint looks pink, but it's actually the same neutral color as the rest of the house (Kwal Berg).
This little girl loves yellow, and giggles when she sees her yellow quilt.

Benson's room. He picked out the blue color and asked for airplanes and helicopters. I haven't found helicopters yet, but we got these planes at Hobby Lobby and hung them from the ceiling with fishing line. We will add some vinyl clouds and other flight memorabilia later on. 

Oh, this is also the future baby's room.

Kids' bathroom.

Each child has a designated towel. One will be for our new baby, and another for guests.

The hallway, looking into our room from Benson's room.

From the hallway, looking into the living room and kitchen.

Master Bedroom

Master closet

Master Bathroom

Our shower and tub.

LOVE my white comforter.

Hall closet

Laundry room (it doesn't look that blue in real life.)


Entryway to the left, living room to the right, bedrooms and stairs straight ahead.

Kitchen sink.

More kitchen cabinets

Dining room (with folding chairs... still looking for some dining chairs).

More kitchen. This is after a party, so don't mind the messy counter.

Giant pantry

Mudroom in progress.


Casey's tool bench

And the outside. All done.

I just realized that I didn't take any pictures of the living room all finished, so if you want to see it, you'll have to come over!!!

Thank you for joining us on our virtual home tour.


Heather C Taylor said...

It's gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

Em Russ said...

love the house. Can't wait to see it in real life! (and where did you find that comforter... did you make it? I know you were thinking about making one similar a while ago... Love it.)