Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Restaurant Certificate

So this is a little weird, but it really worked, so I thought I would post it for all of you.

Quoted from
"This website sells gift certificates to participating restaurants all over the country, often offering deeply discounted prices. Right now the site is selling $25 gift certificates for $10, which isn't a bad start, but from now until Halloween, entering TREATS at the checkout applies a second 80% discount to the sales price. The result is a supremely cheap $25 gift card for just $2. Want to aim higher? The same discount applies to more expensive gift cards as well, so you can snag a $50 gift card for $4, $100 for $8, and so on. Be sure to read up on the participating restaurants before buying and check the fine print for the restaurant you plan on using it at so there aren't any surprises when the bill comes. A gift card may restrict you to a minimum food purchase, for example. In the midst of financial apocalypse, this seems like a nice way to save a few bucks but still enjoy a meal out."

Last night, Casey and I bought a $25 gift certificate (for $2) to this Warehouse Steak restaurant in Ogden. The catch is.... You have to spend $35 in order to use your $25 gift certificate. So, we both ordered nice dinners and Benson got an order of french fries. We spend almost exactly $35 on dinner. Then we used our gift certificate for $25 and so our dinner only ended up being $10 (plus tip)... and the cost of the gift certificate, which was $2.

Casey made the observation that it's more like a coupon (spend $35, get $25 off!) than a gift certificate, and I agree. There aren't a ton of restaurants that participate, so if you want to check it out, go to before halloween!!!!

Happy Birthday!

These are really late, since Benson had his birthday in September, but I wanted to post a few pictures of him eating his cupcake.

This actually isn't even on his birthday. For his birthday, I made him a basketball cake, which he hated!!! He wouldn't even touch it and when I put a taste of frosting in his mouth, he started gagging!!! So the day after his birthday, I gave him this cupcake and he devoured it! He loved it! So here are some pictures of his non-birthday.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Things We're Learning...

Everyday Benson learns new things. Here are a few he's learned today...

Talking on the phone Trick or TreatingChecking out the goods after Trick or Treating
(he ended up with... a cell phone, measuring tape, 2 halloweens decorations, a yellow crayon, Nintendo gameboy game, and a nose aspirator (snot sucker))
Learning to Cook
Learning to Blow Bubbles (he's had a runny nose)

And what am I learning? I'm not really sure, I guess. Sometimes it feels like the only things I'm learning are how to cook, clean, fold, scrub, wipe, wash, rinse, load, unload, etc.

Casey says that I am Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.... but somehow that isn't exactly what I want to be.

So I'll keep on learning. Or trying to learn at least.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Past

The other day I was putting up all of my halloween decorations and we found Benson's hotdog costume from last halloween. We put it on him to see if it still fit, and it did! He hated it because he couldn't walk, but it was fun to see how big he's grown. Here are some pictures of him in his hotdog costume last year and his costume this year.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wal-Mart or Not?

I was hoping I could get some opinions...

Today I did a little grocery shopping. I didn't need much, just milk and bread basically. I was already out and about, so I just stopped at the local Macey's. I absolutely LOVED my time spent there. I found everything I needed so quickly and the employees there were SO helpful and nice. I stopped by the bakery and picked up some fresh-baked rolls and then stopped by the deli and had them slice some meat and cheese for me. They were so helpful, they gave me advice about my produce, they gave us samples, and Benson even got a balloon (which only lasted as far as the parking lot before he let it loose.) A little old man bagged my groceries for me (he even asked if I wanted paper or plastic) and then offered to help me out to the car. It was wonderful!

On the other hand, I hate to admit it, but lately I have been doing a lot of my shopping at Wal-mart. I feel like I can stretch my budget a little farther when I shop there. Plus, a lot of the time, I need more things than just groceries. Like right now, I have shoe laces and shampoo on my list, and I will wait to go to Wal-mart to buy them because they are so outrageously priced at the grocery store. I feel like I can get everything on my list in one stop at Wal-mart. But I DO NOT like shopping there. I never feel like the employees are that helpful, I don't feel like the store is that clean, and if there is anything that could top off my usually terrible shopping trips, there are ALWAYS the longest lines. Plus not to mention the effect that Wal-Mart has had on the world we live in... I won't even go there...

So I'm torn! What do I do? Should I make a bigger effort to support the local grocery stores like Macey's (BONUS: they are closed on Sundays!) and enjoy my shopping experience but spend more money? Or should I go to Wal-mart and hate my shopping experience, but feel like I get a lot of bang for my buck?

Anyone who has an oppinion about this subject or who wants to give me some advice, I would LOVE to hear from you!