Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Something Sentimental

Warning: Picture OVERLOAD... (and "..." overload)
4 years ago...
We were here...

And even after everything...
It still feels like we are...
Here are some pictures... mostly of us... mostly in no particular order...
(I told you I used "..." a lot... I secretly love dot dot dots...)

So after all of that, I feel a little self-centered, or at least a little Casey-&-Natalie-centered...
On our previous anniversaries, I have tried to remember our wedding day and everything we did and said and how much we loved each other that day. But today I have felt a little differently. I am starting to think that anniversaries aren't so much about your wedding DAY as they are about your life together...
So in thinking about our 4 years together, I want to say that I have loved the time we've spent together, the memories we've made, and the life that we are building. I'm glad that our relationship has turned into so much more than it was on that day. We've gone from friends, to admirers, then sweethearts, and partners, to roommates, and everything in between. But whatever you are, Casey, you are my everything. I love you.
Oh, and Case, thanks for letting me check-out of any responsibility every Monday when the Bachelorette is on. I know it's like a train wreck that I just can't stop watching, but I love that you tease me about it and still let me stay up late and come to bed all giddy. Then I try to make you say "something sentimental" like those guys say to her and you get mad cause you're sleeping... I know it's silly, but I'm glad you let me have my own little things. I love it. And I love you for it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

kids say the darndest things

Bens: I have a boob on my leg.

Nat: You have a WHAT?

Bens: A boob on my leg.

Nat: A boo-boo?

Bens: No, a BOOB!

Nat: Do you have one anywhere else?

Bens: Yep, on my tummy.

Nat: Let's see.

Bens: (Lifts up his shirt) Right here. (pointing to "you know what")

It was a mosquito bite. Kinda looked like his teeny-tiny nipples.


Friday, June 4, 2010


Today is June 4, 2010.

Grandpa Dalpias died today. He has had Alzheimer's for longer than my 4 years as a Dalpias. I never really got to know him, but I loved him. He was a sweet man. He couldn't remember much, but he remembered that I was a "Hooper-ite", the sworn enemy of those West Weber Italians. When he couldn't remember most things, he remembered me and would always ask "How's that Hooper-ite". Well, Ernie, I feel a little sad today. Although it is a wonderful day for you, it is such a sad one for us. We will miss you, and Grandma Dalpias will miss you... But what a blessing for you to be released from a failing body and such pain. I'm sure he is in Heaven doing the chicken dance with all of those Italians.

Also, 26 years ago today, my Grandpa Haws died. He died before I was born, so I never knew him. He has missed so much. I feel sad to have never known him. My poor grandma has been so lonesome for him for so long. I cannot imagine living so long, so lonely, without your companion.

This could all be such sadness, and although we are sad, we have hope. I know that we can all be together again. I know that families are forever and that one day, we will see those we love again and be together. I am so grateful to know that we aren't lost. I cannot imagine living without the person you love for so long and not knowing that you will be together again. What a blessing the gospel is in our lives. Heavenly Father has given us hope of an eternity together and I am so grateful for that. Now we go on. Doing the best we can. Someday... Someday... we will see you again. And we will have the chance we never got here. To know each other.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brother and Sister

These two love each other. It amazes me that even when he isn't the softest or nicest, she still smiles and laughs at him more than anyone else. They both look so much alike and have the same mellow temperament. I love their big eyes and their cute little faces. These kids are the best. I love them. I am thankful every day that we are an eternal family.
Love them!