Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Lovin'

We have had such a great summer!

Here are some of the fun things we've been up to... In no particular order.

The Russ family came to visit. Benson and Zack were the best of friends.
Here they are playing their leapsters together. Both wearing "Love Stinks" shirts.

Molly fell in love with little Alex.

We have loved staying at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Their playground is the best.

4th of July. At the hospital visiting Tami after she had baby Luke.

We took the kids on a date to see Cars 2. Don't let this crappy picture fool you. They were out of control.

Alex and Molly got into lots of trouble together. Yes, that's sharpie on the counter.

We love living in Hooper. Playing in the irrigation.

Molly LOOOOVES shoes!!!!

Weber State Fireworks.

Baby Luke and his BIG cousin, Benson.

We got to be his first babysitters.

And we got to watch this little guy too. (Barrett)

Sometimes we had so much fun, we just couldn't take it anymore.

We got a pass to Discovery Gateway. The little grocery store is Molly's favorite part.

Casey's favorite part of Discovery Gateway was the water. HA!!

Grandpa Wayne made us homemade donuts.

All of the kids on the Haws side.

The toy room is the best part of living at Grandma and Grandpa's house. (Especially Grandma's hidden toys.)

Lots of swimming.

And eating at Grandma's counter.

Lots and LOTS of lawn mowing.

The kids love the tramp. Typical, Benson picking on Molly.

Trip to IKEA.

Benson got his training wheels taken off. And put back on again.

The kids like making messes at Grandma's. This is cocoa.

Discovery Gateway with our friends, the stowers.

At the real grocery store. Molly picked out exactly what she wanted.

Our Dalpias cousins at the Nature Center.

More playing on the tramp. More Benson picking on Molly.

Hanging out at the playground. This hammock was already broken when Nick sat down. SUCKA.

Crafting with the girls... And Danny.

Watching Luke.

Growing CRAZY hair!

More messes at Grandma's. This is sugar.

Benson dressing in Molly's clothes.

Trip to Bear Lake on the Hogs with the Stowers.

Splash pad with our cousins. They are all crazy about Barrett.

Benson learning the art of spray painting. He will be a good helper some day.

4 wheeling at the cabin.

Fishing at Little Creek.

Benson's first time fishing.

At Little Creek.

We found these deer at the cabin.

Is that a tree? Or Andy, the mighty hunter?

Molly sleeping at the cabin.

We even sewed a little bit here and there. Check out that ruffle skirt tutorial HERE.

Happy kids.

More fishing.

And feeding the ducks.

When they started feeding the ducks, there was ONE duck. Then all the rest of them showed up.

And someone (Nat) might have ruined Benson's fishing pole. OOPS.