Thursday, June 30, 2011

Five Years

Five years ago, this guy gave me his name.

Even though 98 % of people can't pronounce our name (including me sometimes), I'm so glad I've got it.

I love being his.

His friend.
His partner.
His accountant.
His chef.
His massage therapist.
His personal assistant.
His baby momma.
His maid.
His cheerleader.
His stylist.
His pain in the neck.
His nurse.
His personal shopper.
His ball and chain.

Believe it or not....
He is more to me than I could ever be to him.

He is....
My friend.
My supporter.
My shoulder to cry on.
My technical support.
My late night chat partner.
My hand to hold.
My yard boy.
My baby daddy.
My chauffeur.
My alarm clock.
My handyman.
My movie partner.
My genius.
My high-reacher, heavy-lifter.
My comforter.
My sole mate.

Life is, of course, never perfect for us. Just like any couple, we have our ups and downs. We have been in a particularly stressful place in life with moving and building a house... But, when all is said and done, at the end of the day, we were meant for each other. In 40 years, when it's just us and we're sitting on our back porch, I know we will be just as happy together as we were that special day 5 years ago.

Happy Anniversary, Casey Face.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where are we???

If anyone out there actually follows my blog, you may be wondering where in the world we are....

"Where" is a very good question. One that stumps Benson almost everyday. You see, we are moving. If you follow me on facebook (and you should), you may know that we have sold our duplex. We signed papers on Monday, which means we no longer own our home. We have to be out-out by next Monday, so we have been really busy moving and cleaning.

You may wonder where we are moving to. That is also a good question. Benson cannot figure out if we live at our duplex or at Grandma and Grandpa's house right now, because we are sort of in limbo. The plan is to eventually build a house in Hooper, but while we are getting that going, we are staying at my parents' house.  Most of our stuff is in storage. Whatever isn't in storage, is in boxes. It's been really exciting for us, and sort of stressful. 

Our original plan was to buy a HUD home or foreclosure, and we even made a few offers on some houses, but then we got some new information and help from a lot of different people, and now we are working through the process of starting to build our home. We REALLY loved the process of trying to buy a home, but building seems like a much better fit for us. (Here's a plug: If you need a realtor, please call my friend, Sharli. She is awesome! Seriously, guys, I do NOT like realtors because they are so pushy. But Sharli has been great! She is never pushy and always answers her phone. She doesn't have secretaries or people to take messages for her, SHE is who I speak to when I call. I really have loved her, and if you're looking for someone to help you buy or sell a house, you need to call her. Send me a message if you want her number.)

Since we decided to build and have sold our duplex, I have been working on cleaning my house out and getting everything moved. It's been tricky because Casey has started working 10 hour days, so he doesn't get home till later, and is really tired. Then he gets home and has to move our whole house. I have been feeling a lot of anxiety about getting everything done, and trust me, I have been praying for a lot of strength through all of this. The other day, I was home, moving and cleaning (like usual), and Tami and Nick called to say they would be over in half an hour. They came to my rescue that day!!!! In fact, they did that same thing 2 days in a row. Nick packed his truck and trailer full, then helped Casey pack our Tahoe and trailer full, while Preggo Tami played with our bored-to-death kids. She even folded my laundry for me. I have rarely had such amazing answers to prayers. Their help and friendship that day was exactly what I needed.

We have had a lot of help from a lot of different people, and it has been very much appreciated.

Another prayer was answered yesterday. Casey's mom rescued me by watching the kids for a few hours. I was able to check a lot of things off my cleaning list. And, best of all, my poor kids didn't have to play all day in a nearly empty house with a busy mother who barely pays any attention to them. This moving stuff has been exciting, but at times, it has been less than wonderful for my kids. Not only are all of their things packed up in a storage unit, they haven't seen much of a fun mom lately. To have a day away at Grandma's house made all the difference in their little worlds. And they came home to a much happier mom.

While Gayle had the kids, I was able to get all of our bedrooms and the bathroom all emptied and clean. We are so excited to get a new house, and to live in Hooper, but I would be lying if I said I was happy to leave our home. This little duplex has been very good for us. We have been so blessed to have wonderful renters, which made it possible for us to even own a home; some who have been such dear friends to us. We've loved our neighbors. I have felt so blessed to be able to send my kids next door, or to have our neighbor kids come play at our house, and feel like my kids had good friends. Not to mention the sweet friendship we have shared as well. 

As I was cleaning the house, I was washing off fingerprints from the walls where the kids would sit to eat, I washed off crayon where Benson learned how to write his name, I mowed the lawn where they spent countless hours running and playing, and I vacuumed the floors where they learned to walk. All the while, wiping my own tears from my eyes. I feel like this home is really where I learned to be a mom, and where I truly fell in love with my little family. I have so many treasured memories of that home, and boy-oh-boy, am I sad to turn off the lights and close the doors behind me. 

I am glad to move on. Casey and I both really feel like building a home in Hooper is what we are supposed to do. I'm looking forward to being close to family and sad to be not-so-close to some. We have made so many memories in this little house in 3 years, but I cannot imagine how many memories we will have in our new house. The best part is I will never have to leave.