Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blessed are the curious...

I love, love, love vinyl lettering, I've even seriously considered buying a vinyl lettering machine. So, one day I saw this little saying and I thought it described Benson perfectly.

"Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventure".

I'm sure glad I got that saying because Benson has had a whole bunch of adventures this week....

He must have just figured out that he was small, because we've had this cupboard for a few months now and he always plays with the stuff in the cupboard, but he has never tried to climb in. Until now.

We are trying to teach Benson how to share (he's terrible at it). Today we were having shakes, so I was sharing mine with him. Instead of drinking from my cup, he decided to blow bubbles in it, and this was the result.
We cut our Christmas tree down yesterday, so today we were decorating it. I put all of the lights on without any problems, and then we started putting the ornaments on. Turns out Benson LOVES balls, and so our ornaments were very interesting to him. He was pulling them off faster than we could put them on. And, to make his adventure more wonderful, he decided to hide all of the "balls" he pulled off the tree. We found some in his garbage can (along with shoes, clothes, toys, diaper rash cream, lotion, bath toys, etc.), we found ornaments in with his toys, in the kitchen, and in the bedrooms. Hopefully we found most of them.
Notice the black eye and the bruises on his face? Another adventure involving Grandma's house, a fish tank, and a rocking chair... we really don't abuse him.
What curious little boy wouldn't climb behind and under the tree?
This is how our Christmas tree looks now. Ornaments on the top half only. Playing with the ornaments was fun while it lasted, but I do want them to last at least until Christmas.
*NOTE: We didn't get a "Charlie Brown" tree on purpose. In fact, when we were in the forest looking for a tree, this one looked way better than the rest. But looking at it now, we realize that it is, indeed, a sad little tree. (I still love it, though)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In all things, give thanks

Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I wanted to post some of the things I am thankful for:

He is, above everything, my very best friend. I never get sick of talking to him, laughing with him, playing games with him, and just being with him. I always want to be where he is. Sometimes I probably bug him because I never want to go somewhere if he isn't coming. If he's going to play b-ball with the guys, I always want to come. He takes such good care of me and always listens to my problems when I magically have a problem every night at midnight while he's trying to sleep. He really is my other half and I love him more everyday.

He makes me laugh constantly. I think he is the cutest little thing. I can't imagine him not being in my life. I love to kiss his chubby cheeks and hold those tiny little hands. He is such a good boy, besides wanting to hit everybody lately. I've never had many problems with Benson, and I'm really grateful that he is such a good boy.

I just love 'em. My brothers and sisters, and even my parents, are my best friends (besides Casey). We love to go to my parents and just hang out. Casey's family has been nothing but wonderful to me. They do the funnest things. They always have fun parties with the funnest games. I couldn't have asked for better in-laws

We're making more of them, and that's fun. I'm thankful for the friends I had in elementary, and even before that. Those girls are still some of my best buds. I'm thankful that they helped me grow up and were good examples for me.

My house...
I love our little house. I feel so at home here. I am grateful that Casey works hard so we aren't renting. And even more grateful that we have people to pay us rent! I love the things that Casey has done to make our house more ours. Paint, tile, rugs, towels, curtains go a long way. And I'm thankful for my washer, dryer, and dishwasher (thanks Mike & Gayle).

The gospel...
I honestly would be lost without it. I can't imagine going through life not knowing what I know. I feel so much comfort knowing that I can be with my family forever. That God is there, and that he loves me. That I have a savior and I can repent when I fall short. That we have guidance on the earth today, a prophet who is inspired, and people around us who can help when we need it.

My slippers...
For anyone who hasn't seen them, they are DISGUSTING!!! Casey got me some new ones last year for christmas because the ones I was wearing before were gross. But the new ones soon looked worse than my old ones. Anyway, I'm grateful for the comforts of life that I enjoy. For heat, air conditioning, plumbing, power, a car to drive, money for gas, food to eat, people to love, and carpet on my floor (even if it is carpet-tile).

My life...
I truly am blessed. I feel bad for all of the things I complain about. I have everything I could ever need, and more. I never go without what I need and often have too much. I hope I can stop and take a look at my life and do better. Live a better life. Serve more. Do more. Be more.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dalpias Digital

I know I mentioned this before, but a while ago, I set up a blog for my photography business. It is now up and running! I've been doing family pictures like crazy and so I've got a lot of new pictures on there. So, feel free to check it out anytime.

Also, I don't advertise or publicise my photography business at all (this post doesn't count?), I totally rely on word-of-mouth to keep it going. So if you know anyone needing a photographer or videographer for anything, please feel free to give them our number or website.... Thanks!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hair Cuts

Benson's hair was starting to get out of control. He doesn't have very much hair, but it was REALLY long, so we decided to cut it.

Here are some BEFORE pictures:

Benson's daddy's hair was starting to get out of control too. So we cut both of the boys' hair together. Here is Casey, the mighty hunter, before: (hope you're not expecting an after, cause I didn't get one.)

Here we go!!!! Off with the baby hair!


Benson seemed to really like his hair cut.

This is kind of gross. But here is what was left after the hair cuts. Everyone always asks us where Benson gets his blonde hair from. I usually say the sun, but you can tell that it is a lot lighter than Casey's.

*Please note: Yes, folks, this is our infamous carpet-tile. Do not be fooled. It is neither carpet or tile, but a unique combination of both. Please do not be alarmed or confused.