Monday, September 20, 2010

A few of my favorite {cleaning} things

My house is in shambles. Does your house ever get that way? It just seems like no matter how much I clean and clean, I am never done. I feel like I am in a rut here. So I'm going to post a few of my favorite {cleaning} things to remind myself how easy I really have it. And how nice my contraptions are. So I should use them and get to work!
Squeegee. I have HUGE windows and I cannot reach them to wash the outsides, so I got this squeegee and put it on my broomstick and now I can wash my outside windows. It's really nice.

Scentsy. I have a really cute warmer, but I want this cherry blossom one, isn't it cute! I love turning on my scentsy after I clean. It makes the house seem {and smell} cleaner. I also love the pumpkin roll scent. It is my favorite of all times!

Lint roller. We have microfiber couches and sometimes it's hard to get all of the little crumbs and little threads and stuff off. The lint roller is perfect to make my couches look WAY better.

Kaboom. Casey used this on his mission and made me buy this when we were first married to clean our tub and shower. I used it until it was gone and then I tried using something else to clean my shower and turns out Kaboom is the best. It seriously MELTS away soap scum. Perfect!

Clorox wipes. I have been out of these for a while and I haven't been able to clean my toilet because there's no way I'm using a washcloth, I'd have to throw it away after. I love that I can wipe the toilet down with these and it disinfects and then I can throw them away.

Pledge Muli-surface. I came across this by accident because I had a coupon for it. But I really do love it because I can use it on my wood, glass, electronics, etc. It is nice to be able to wipe everything down without having to switch rags and spray bottles. So convenient.

My dishwasher is not this nice, but I still love it! I never knew how much a dishwasher could improve my life until I got one, and I could never go back. If I don't have time {or energy} to do anything else, doing the dishes makes all the difference in the world. Our kitchen seems a lot cleaner when the sink isn't overflowing.
Roomba. Oh how I love my roomba. It is a robot vacuum. I push the button and it wanders around my house to vacuum for me. It goes from my carpet to my hardwood to my tile without any problem and it doesn't just flip stuff around, it actually works! And we got it for way cheap, brand new, on

Shark steam mop. I just got this {brand new, and cheap on, of course} and I have only used it once, but I love it. It is so nice to use on the stuck on stuff on my hardwood and tile. I love that it doesn't use any chemicals so I am not putting my children in danger when they crawl all over my clean floors. I've also used it to steam clean my messy, fingerprinted, walls.

Ok, I better get using all of these things that make my life a lot easier. Now if they would just invent a contraption that went around and picked up toys and socks and put them where they go!

What are your favorite cleaning products or devices?


Em Russ said...

1. I laughed out loud (lol) when I read about cleaning your toilet "there's no WAY I'd use a washcloth"... I could just picture you saying that.

2. will you please get out of my brain, because I have been planning this post and just haven't done it yet. Seriously.

3. since I'm not going to do my post now, I have to add my favorite things...

my DYSON (seriously... the LOVE)

Clorox color safe bleach (C2 in the blue bottle.) Has removed EVERY single stain I have put it on. EVERY ONE. My friend even swears it got out fingernail polish. I buy it by the caseload. you should try it. Call me and I will convince you.

and... since my house is never clean, that's about it for me!! :) I've been thinking about getting a shark though. Maybe I will call you... (and then I wouldn't have to leave ten page comments on your blog.)

Em Russ said...

p.s. Alex looks like Benson with his new haircut. It is kind of freaking me out (in a good way)

Sierra said...

I'm with you on the Shark... best invention EVER!

Jeff and Susan said...

Love it, that reminds me of how messy my house is right now and the fact that my kids are asleep and I should be cleaning but instead of I am on the internet looking at blogs, your blog thinking oh boy I should really get around to cleaning my house one day! Love ya!