Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hot Tuh-Molly

Molly has been with us for nearly 4 weeks now and we are loving her more everyday. She is such a good baby and so sweet. She has the brightest eyes, which we rarely see because she sleeps so much. She usually sleeps about 5 hours at night between feedings, which means only once or twice per night, which is lovely. We feel so blessed to have another very good baby. Here are some pictures of her a couple weeks ago. Soon I will post about something other than her, but she is taking up quite a bit of our time and thoughts right now....


Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Normal" life

We have had more visitors. Gunner, Trapper and Rylee came to see Molly. Now she is just waiting to meet her Boston cousins in a few days!

Casey returned to work after a whopping day and a half off. We were very lucky to have a long Christmas break! Now it's just the 3 of us trying to adjust to "normal" life.

Benson decided to take Molly for a joy ride...
His mega-blocks wagon is the perfect size for her.
P.S. I forgot to mention that Casey just about passed out while I was getting my epidural. Good thing there was an anesthesiologist and a nurse to give HIM all of their attention. Nevermind the lady in labor :)
Also, if anyone has any ideas how to make $530 fast or how to steal a google Nexus One phone, please let me know. I would appreciate it. Casey's birthday is coming up.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sugar and Spice.... Benson, BE NICE!!!!

Well, here is my "frilly" post... Sorry if it's "TMI" or if it's boring. Just skip to the pictures if you want.

Casey and I had been trying to decide if we should have the doctor start us on Monday or not. It would be good because he had the whole week off of work and school hadn't started yet. I was hesitant, though, because I wanted to go into labor on my own and I wasn't so hip on Molly's birthday being so close to Christmas. We had been talking a lot about what to do on Sunday.

Lucky for us we didn't have to decide! Sunday afternoon I started to have pains pretty bad, so we called Tami and Nick (who just happened to be driving from Ogden to Hooper) to stop and get Benson. My family was having a Christmas party at my parents, so they took Benson there while we went to the hospital. We got to the hospital at about 3:30 and I was at a 2 (I had been for a few weeks). After a couple of hours, I was still at a 2, even though I was having strong contractions. The nurse said they didn't know if they were going to keep me because I wasn't progressing, so Casey and I took a walk around and around and around the hospital. I guess that started my real labor because after my walk, I was a 3. So, the nurse called the doctor to break my water. When he got there, I was a 4+. He broke my water and then they gave me my epidural and started me on pitocin so I would progress faster. Molly didn't like the pitocin, though, and her heartrate would drop everytime they gave it to me, so they stopped it. Casey and I took a couple of little naps while we waited for Molly to come. When Molly was ready to come, the doctor was in delivering a baby in the next room. He came in at about 1:00, and after pushing for 2 contractions, Molly was born at 1:07 a.m. It was very easy for me and I feel very lucky to have had another EASY labor. She weighed 6 pounds, 12 ounces and was 19 inches long.

I felt GREAT, and so we stayed at the hospital for the shortest amount of time possible. (We were REALLY bored). We got home on Tuesday and so far everything is going great around our house. Life with Molly has been a dream. She is such an easy baby, I feel really lucky. She is eating well and sleeping well. Benson is doing very well with her too. The only problem is that he loves her TOO MUCH!! He always wants to hug her and kiss her and give her toys. He is a good helper, though, and will usually get me things or do things for me if I need him to. We have to keep reminding him to be nice to her and not to touch her. We feel very blessed to have 2 wonderful and very healthy kids.

Here are some pictures in no particular order...

Grandma Gayle
Grandma Jan and Grandpa Wayne
Candace and Addyson
Don't mind the tired looking Mommy
Grandma Marie
Molly and Benson "ROCK ON!!!"
Grandpa Ronald and Grandma Nola (Ronola)
Benson loves her!
My cute kids
This is her right now
Her first bath. She hated it. Benson was a great helper.
He likes his picture taken when we take Molly's.
5 days old