Monday, August 17, 2009

Our "Dedicated" Hunter

This year, Casey drew out to do the "dedicated hunter" program. Being a dedicated hunter means that you can hunt all 3 deer hunts, which is really nice since he's hunted since he was 14 and has only gotten one deer before. We assumed we would be hunting the bow hunt, the muzzle loader, and of course the rifle hunt which lasts until late October. But, we were wrong! Casey was VERY lucky and shot this deer with his on the morning of the opening day! What a wonderful hunter! Guess we won't be hunting for 3 months after all.

Here is our family with the deer. Benson keeps saying it's a "funny deer"

Here's Benson watching the guys skin the deer. It was pretty cold, it even SNOWED a little.
Notice his cousin, Addyson behind him, she was VERY disturbed by the whole thing. She kept wondering if the deer was ok... what a sweet girl!

Still watching. He wasn't very disturbed by it, which is nice because it's hanging in our garage right now.

Casey and his prized 2-point!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

best idea EVER!!!!

Thanks to my cousin-in-law, Marcia, I got this BRILLIANT idea to make Benson a sticker chart. Marcia made hers for potty training, but since we sort of gave up on that for a while, I made Bensey-boy a sticker chart for things he should be doing everyday. He is TRILLED to do things that he never wanted to do before, like brush his teeth. All I say is that he can put a sticker on his chart and he does whatever I tell him to!

Benson really is a good helper and he's such a good boy. I hardly ever have to get after him for anything and when I do, he gets really sad and it makes me feel like a jerk. Even for being such a good boy, he is still a very MESSY child. Hopefully our sticker chart will help him to want to help out a little bit more and keep his teeth brushed, prayers said, bed made, and room clean and help his mommy out a little during the day.

P.S. Notice the summer "Buzz Cut"... OOPS! It wasn't supposed to be that short.